Davidson County Community College

We partnered with Davidson County Community College (DCCC) to conduct internal and external research including a communications audit to assess the effectiveness of publications, marketing, communications, messaging, and website presentation, information flow, and interactivity. 

The culmination of this research was a comprehensive Situational Analysis report with audience focus group input and conclusions regarding emerging challenges and opportunities as well as recommendations on brand positioning, key messaging, resource allocations, target audiences, strategies, tactics and related factors, including a recommendations for organizational and process implementation.

From this work, we developed a brand and strategic tagline along with a powerful visual campaign “All Inspiring” including billboards, banners, and an ad campaign. Serving as DCCC's in-house marketing agency for 6 months, we created a series of institutional pieces and campaigns ranging from promotion of an open house recruiting event that leveraged TV, radio, print, and direct mail to a branded workforce development brochure. 

As part of our branding work with DCCC, we redesigned the College's website and created a dynamic virtual tour including video vignettes of the campus.