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Membership Marketing in the Digital Age: A Handbook for Museums and Libraries

Co-authored by FIVESEED Founder and CEO Rosie Siemer, Membership Marketing in the Digital Age is the go-to resource for museum professionals seeking to build, grow, and improve their membership program. 

Membership marketing and management is an ever more demanding role within the institutions served—meeting fiscal demands, keeping pace with online marketing opportunities, and making data-driven decisions. The demands are diverse and ever-changing. This book addresses all aspects of management, expectations and productivity of a membership program in the digital age. Benchmarking, best practices and realistic outcomes are presented. 

Membership Marketing In The Digital Age is a membership manager’s reference book to what works and how on relevant topics such as:

It features over seventy illustrations including reproductions of marketing pieces and management tools used by leading museums and libraries across the country. Here’s a book that will help your museum or library generate many times the purchase price through better practices that will increase your membership many times over.

"This book on membership management is a "go-to" reference guide on all aspects of best practices in membership marketing. I recommend it for anyone at any stage of their membership career!" ~ Phyllis Evans, Director of Membership and Annual Giving, Abraham Lincoln Presidential Library Foundation