WEBINAR: Investing in Membership: Making the Grade in Marketing Your Program

Investing in Membership: Making the Grade in Marketing Your Program

“We still haven't played Madison Square Garden. That's a benchmark.”

~ Dan Hawkins, English Rocker of The Darkness

Investing at the appropriate level to have a successful growing program is a challenge that most membership programs face. Join us for a webinar that helps you make the case for the optimal level of institutional support to grow your membership totals and revenue.

Do you know how your program is performing? Membership programs are important, complex structures, and that means a successful program is always evolving! To determine whether your program is working as well as it should, the best place to start is with a report card to see whether or not your program is “Making the Grade.”

Benchmarking provides a yardstick by which managers can evaluate the effectiveness of their membership marketing efforts. Reviewing your program’s performance against industry benchmarks will provide insight into where your program may be falling short.

In this interactive webinar, Dana Hines, President and CEO of Membership Consultants, and Rosie Siemer, Founder and CEO of FIVESEED, will share industry benchmarks, best practices, and must-know metrics to ensuring your program is efficient, organized, effective, and investing the right amount into your program!

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