FIVESEED CEO, Rosie Siemer featured on npENGAGE

FIVESEED founder and CEO, Rosie Siemer was featured in an industry article titled Growing your Members and Donors with the Power of Data

"I had the privilege of hearing from Rosie Siemer and Dana Hines on Membership & Engagement: The Power of Data at bbcon 2016. I loved this session; not only am I an undisputed data nerd, but also I love finding new ways to engage and communicate better. When it’s targeted specifically towards our arts and cultural clients? Even better.

Dana and Rosie could not be more qualified to lead this session. Both are founders and CEOs of consulting agencies that focus on how nonprofits can more effectively communicate with supporters to grow their members and donors. Their strategies ranged from things a beginner could start with today to much more sophisticated concepts that may require new technology.

Whether you’ve mastered target tags or are new to the power of data, there’s something for everyone in their insights." Read the full story here >>